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OREGON ducks

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Subject: Fwd: Someone just posted this on Craigslist
Oregon Ducks Football Team For Sale - $300 (Eugene, OR)
For sale: OREGON DUCKS FOOTBALL TEAM. Price: $300,000,000 OBO. 487,000 uniform combinations and gigantic, ostentatious and obviously worthless world-class football training facility included. The Duck mascot will not be included, Lee Corso has "dibs".

Unfortunately, this team isn't performing up to the expectation I had for them (2 LOSSES IN ONE SEASON!) so I'm looking to unload them. They've cost me 1/10 of 1 percent of my life savings and frankly, they just aren't what I thought they'd be when I bought them. Crying on the sidelines, whining, entitled and ONLY getting to the "Natty" once just isn't something I want my money involved with.

Please call 1-541-Duck-Suk and ask for Uncle Phil. Serious inquiries only.

Location: Eugene, OR

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