$10,000 Question. What's your answer?

So a friend of mine signed up with a handicaper. This handicaper hooked him up with a local. He proceds to win $10,000 from the bookie. Now the handicaper is telling him that he can't collect from the bookie unless my friend signs up for the year package $795. Does this sound fishy? It should also be noted that the bookie doesn't have a website only takes action over the phone.... Please give your advise of course I'm a little skeptical however he has cell phone numbers for the bookie and handiper so it would be very easy to do a reverse search and get address info... What should I tell him?
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Re: $10,000 Question. What's your answer?

Do whatever it takes to get the money from the bookie. Pay the tout with a credit card - collect the dough from the bookie. No dough from the bookie - stop payment on the credit card. Should leave 30 days to collect. Do not make another play.

BTW, tell your friend to never play with either of these two crooks again. They were trying to bone the player from the beginning. Pure DA luck the picks were that good. They were simply on the side the bookie wanted.

Re: $10,000 Question. What's your answer?

It wasn't actually the touts picks. My friend had not purchased a package from the tout yet. But the tout set my buddy up with the local book. Here's the kicker: The tout is going to meet up with my buddy and the bookie at the same time... It's supposed to happen this week
Re: $10,000 Question. What's your answer?

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