Are home underdogs the best play?


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Has anyone ever compiled statistics for an entire season in each of the major 3 sports to determine how home underdogs performed vs home favorites, road favorites and road underdogs? I would find that to be interesting if anyone knows for sure. Thanks.
Re: Are home underdogs the best play?

I know for a lot of years they won enough in the NFL to offset the vig and then some. But every game and sport are different. Some home dog spots are better than others.


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Re: Are home underdogs the best play?

The best home dogs are those that have a history of beating the team that they are playing.

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Re: Are home underdogs the best play?

I think it has changed over the past two or three years. Once everybody catches on to the home underdog-- it changes.
Re: Are home underdogs the best play?

Use to be that if you played all home dogs you would make a profit but that no longer applies.
Yeah, I read a couple years back that home dogs would hurt you the "least" of all the different scenarios, but if you just played every one of them on the board in EVERY sport, the juice would eat you up and you'd still lose money


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Re: Are home underdogs the best play?

Home Dogs are

1166-1017-73 ATS since 1978 53.41%
334-318-25 ATS from 2000-2007 51.23%
832-699-48 ATS from 1978-1999 54.34%

2505-2316-73 ATS since 1985 52.0%
987-892-34 ATS 2000-2007 52.5%

2869-2980-132 ATS since 1990 49.1%

2850-2917-137 ATS since 2000 49.4%

206-191-6 ATS since 2000 51.89%

156-139-6 ATS since 1996 52.88%