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Here is what I look for.

1. Pitching Matchups ---- NO matter how good or bad a pitcher is or thier teams there are just some teams Putchers Never lose to and some they can never beat....Maddux has a Losing REcord against the Pads...Only team that he has that against.....Glavine can't beat the Braves....

2. Injuries --- This is only important to Stars usually and Catchers....Bullpens somewhat.....But mainly on Series Bets as a team can usually get by one or 2 games w/o a Guy but not a 3 plus game series....

3. Travel --- Night game then a Day game after travel.....Look for Highscoring....every team has at least one 14 day road trip from one side of the US of A to the other....

4. Losing Streaks and Winning Streaks -- Each team goes on them.....Just the Winners don't go on as long of Losing streaks...Just becuase a team wins or loses doesn't mean the streak is over either..They need to perform well or bad for a few games before you can really tell.....The best Teams are going to lose at least 60 games every year and the worst will win 60.....

5. Team Matchups -- Some teams just struggle with other Teams.....Braves used to be the Expos.....Yankees are Drays....every team has a team they struggle with.....and it is usually in the Division......
Good pitching beats good hitting.

Even bad teams will go on an 7-8 game winning streak maybe once a year and pay off at + money every day.

Move the juice.
Lay 1 run on a -116ish favorite and move the juice to +108ish.

Know your bullpens.
Even good teams will have 1 or 2 guys that will give away games.

If you see a good number come out overnight, hit it. If you can wait, check the lineups first.

Good pitching beats good hitting.


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know how to play revenge series and especially pitcher matchups when starters recently pitched against each other....


especially for games around -120 to for lines...the % change of-108 to -104 is tremendous...

look for value


how long???




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Last year Philly and Cinn were tremendous values for overs at home. both were around 60%. no reason to change both teams should be around the same.good place to start.Fla was a terrific over on the road also. differant team this year but with no pitching should be an best plays from last yr.