BigRunner lied about winning $41,000?!

Re: BigRunner lied about winning $41,000?!

So you won 41,000 and still didn't pay the bookie?! Watch those thumbs...
Consumed. Faggot do. Some more research on me. A lot of your post are full of false info.

Trumptard Palmtree died. Probably a coincidence. And I paid the bookie every penny. Ask CTJ.

Man this European faggot is obsessed with me. I guarantee this 5 time banned troll is researching my life right now.


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Re: BigRunner lied about winning $41,000?!

Runner- why don't you slap on the ole feed bag and head down to Old Country Buffet with your sister and her "friend" Deb like a good American slob. Between the 3 of you I'm sure we can scrap together a 95 IQ. Heavyweight political thought! Did you share any of the 41,000 with them?


Runner, did you ever come clean about your pick 6 air bet?