Breeders' Cup 2019

John Kelly

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I'll check with the bosses later this week, SUNNYISLE.

Let's use this thread to discuss the 14 races worth more than $30 million.

I was disappointed to see the post position draw is NOT open to the public.

Are you kidding me?

The draw will take place next Monday (October 28) at 3:30 p.m. in the Trackside Marquee at Santa Anita.

It is a private event.

John Kelly

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Hoping for a Breeders' Cup contest to debut Monday morning.

Applying for $500 in contest funds from the boys in CR.
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If we can get enough interest at $50 or $100 a man, we can still do a contest, just without the added money. Either chitownjoe, try3 or myself could receive paypal. Or JK could even collect and disburse the money.
here are the BX and BO on friday

Friday Nov 01 2019

Post TRK Pn Horse MLO
13:20 SA-02 #11 Tiger S 8/1
13:55 SA-03 #10 Warm Su 15/1
14:32 SA-04 #6 Totally 20/1
14:32 SA-04 #8 Great U 8/1
14:32 SA-04 #10 Rookie 12/1
15:12 SA-05 #6 Alligat 12/1
15:52 SA-06 #8 Billy B 20/1
17:12 SA-08 #10 Fair Ma 12/1
18:03 SA-09 #4 Storm t 20/1
that is BX and BO for breeders cup races back to 2000..the data source put up a BC archive file 2018 was not in there....i have the 2018 file but not on the computer I have with me
Thinking about doing a horse by horse rundown of each race... cause it’ll help
Me focus. Anyone interested? Just wanna know if it’s worth posting on here