Breonna's Law


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How ironic- Eog's resident nut case says he puts me on ignore, yet responds to most of my posts.

Let's have a contest- how many cards short of a full deck is this this nut job?

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The RepubliCon AG that prosecuted the cops is a Trumptard that spoke and gave massive praise to Pinocchio/Benedict Donald and law and order at the recent RepubliCon Nat. Convention. This prosecution of the killer cops has zero credibility.
Plus Pinocchio called this corrupt RepubliCon AG a star. πŸ˜‚. That helps his credibility. πŸ˜‚

"Mike Flynn is innocent and free".
- Dumb Alfie

"Kim Jong Un denuclearised because he was intimidated by Pinocchio".
- Dumb Alfie

"The black guys at Starbucks definitely weren't arrested".
- Dumb Alfie
I nailed it again, once again schooling RepubliCon Dumb Alfie.

Grand Juror in the Breonna Taylor case speaks out saying RepubliCon Trumptard AG Cameron has mislead the public. Calls for complete transparency. Asks for the grand juror transcripts to be released.
loooooooooooooooser again........
Dumb Alfie has to be in shock again. Gets schooled by Bigrunner again.

Grand Juror speaks out about RepubliCon AG Cameron false narrative about the proceedings of the grand jury. Grand Juror is pushing back against the AG and sues for full transparency and release of transcripts.

Not shocking that Dumb Alfie is wrong again. His claims that Bigrunner assumptions are ridiculous πŸ˜‚, make him look very stupid. I saw a pattern long ago. That's why he's known as Dumb Alfie. Ding Ding, school is out!

"I've been retired for 20 years, how about you".
- Dumb Alfie

Does this explain why Dumb Alfie is so stupid or is it the RepubliCon in him?
RepubliCon and staunch Trumptard, Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron say he was going to release grand jury transcripts. But this morning he flipped and filed a motion to delay the release. Typical RepubliCon move. They can't be trusted. They're all spineless. In 2016, 9 months before the election, every RepubliCon said it would be wrong to fill a vacant S. C. seat during an election year. They all said the people need a say, so no appointment until after the election. They all supported a so called new rule. "No Justices shall be appointed to fill a vacant seat during an election year ". Fast forward 4 years and every RepubliCon has gone back on their words. They're blatant liars and flippers. RepubliCons can't be trusted.
Go paint in the street, BR.
Racist Fair Warning can't handle the truth. And it understandable with the racism and RepubliCon influence in his life going back at least 2 generations to RepubliCon Illinois Lt. Gov. grandpa.

I love seeing all the damage racist Trump and the lying Senators and racist RepubliCon congressmen and women are doing to the RepubliCon party. The racist death cult party can't vanish soon enough.
loooooooooooooooser again........
Dumb Alfie, things are quickly unraveling for the RepubliCon AG of Kentucky who racist Pinocchio called a star. This was very predictable considering this Uncle Tom spoke at the RNC with much praise for Pinocchio and Pinocchio called him a star.

Pinocchio ruins so many people. Just the other day the Architect of Pinocchio's campaign was taken to an insane asylum after threatening suicide and beating his girlfriend.

Dumb Alfie sword that Daniel Cameron was legit and ran a legitimate prosecution against killer cops. Dumb Alfie, you're always wrong and always lying!
Judge rules the traditional justification for secrecy of the Breonna Taylor's grand jury is no longer relevant. RepubliCon AG Daniel Cameron who had big support from Dumb Alfie and pathological lying Trump loses big. He fought hard for secrecy and lack of transparency. As many of us knew, it has now been confirmed the Trumptard AG lied to the public, and took the decision making out of the grand jury's hands. It's now clear the RepubliCon AG who spoke at Trump's RNC, didn't allow the grand jury to do what the law allows them to do. Shocking, a RepubliCon would disregard the law. πŸ˜‚

Dumb Alfie got another current event wrong. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚