could the city of N. Orleans be burned to the ground, the downtown area


All I do is trytrytry
what a disaster , fires in a big building downtown now going on, might be gas related who knows, arson who knows, but no way to put it out and it will spread to other buildings due to heat and wind, at least seems likely.
It is possible

Every disaster expert in world is in disbelief that is how bad it is

I was correct saying an atomic bomb hit the City and Bush even said it today on tv.


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Drop it!

Drop it!

Hi, I just saw four firefighters and one hose trying to put out a fire and in the background of the shot was water as far as the eye could see. Why dont they use helicopters to drop water like they do in forest fires. There is no power to worry about they could collect water from the Mississippi two hundred yards away and drown the fire. Just a thought but someone must have thought about this already?