Dak turns down 30M from Cowboys

I agree but the boys can maybe pay someone and put the money to help other positions ? Once Dak took over for romo he looked good. Then the parts left the team he looked average. I don't like him but i am a cowboy fan for almost 50 years . He is no Staubach.
If he gets anything close to that he ought to give half to Cooper.....he started looking like Mark Sanchez prior to
Cooper's arrival.

The wrong person is holding out in DAL. It should be Cooper not Elliott.
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I don't think he's worth the money he's seeking, but the Cowboys really don't have much choice but to pay him, if they don't, who's their QB going to be?
They could call Tony Romo, but i don't think he's interested. Romo gets $4mm/yr now to comment on NFL one day a week, 20 weeks/yr. And his next contract will surely be much larger.

Nick Faldo gets $5-$7mm/yr to make golf comments. Jim Nantz makes $7mm+/yr. Are they "worth" it?