Did a Post about Sports Betting in NJ disappear??

I know I read it yesterday about awaiting a judges panel decision of which Donald Trump's sister is a judge? I think it was by a poster called Mr. Top, but could be wrong.
Re: Did a Post about Sports Betting in NJ disappear??

That thread is so screwed up as to how the court case would work -- even if Jersey won -- that I wouldn't know where to begin to unravel the goofy thoughts.

Judge Barry is Trump's sister. "Woo hoo."

There is absolutely no objective indication that I'm aware of that a ruling is impending. Could be tomorrow. Could be six months from now.

David Payne Purdum with ESPN tweeted today that a ruling was expected in the next few weeks, possibly into June.

I tweeted him back as to what he had to go on.

Basically nothing meaningful, just impressions from other folks "close to the case," which doesn't mean a thing. There's nothing from the court, and won't be until there's a decision.

I worked over two decades for multiple federal courts and appeared before many more in private practice. The only people who actually know where the decision is in the process aren't talking and won't talk.

You can read my exchange with Purdum on Twitter either @Auyeur or @DavidPurdum.

Just keep checking at the link below and one day it will be there. They post new decisions at about 9:20 a.m PT usually.