**early discussion** thursday baseball


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<TABLE style="WIDTH: 100%" border=0><TBODY><TR class=AD1><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>901</TD><TD>Cincinnati Reds
J. Fogg</TD><TD></TD><TD>+270</TD><TD></TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>11:20 AM</TD><TD>902</TD><TD>Chicago Cubs
C. Zambrano</TD><TD></TD><TD>-300</TD><TD>

</TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>Thu 8/21
</TD><TD>903</TD><TD>Colorado Rockies
J. De La Rosa</TD><TD>+1.5 -124</TD><TD>+175</TD><TD>OVER 8.5 -115</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>12:10 PM</TD><TD>904</TD><TD>Los Angeles Dodgers
D. Lowe</TD><TD>-1.5 +114</TD><TD>-183</TD><TD>UNDER 8.5 +105</TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>905</TD><TD>Florida Marlins
J. Johnson</TD><TD>-1.5 -109</TD><TD>-166</TD><TD>OVER 8.5 -105</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>12:45 PM</TD><TD>906</TD><TD>San Francisco Giants
M Palmer</TD><TD>+1.5 -101</TD><TD>+158</TD><TD>UNDER 8.5 -105</TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>907</TD><TD>Washington Nationals
T. Redding</TD><TD>+1.5 +108</TD><TD>+240</TD><TD>OVER 9 -120</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>04:05 PM</TD><TD>908</TD><TD>Philadelphia Phillies
J. Moyer</TD><TD>-1.5 -118</TD><TD>-260</TD><TD>UNDER 9 +110</TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>909</TD><TD>Atlanta Braves
M. Hampton</TD><TD>+1.5 -115</TD><TD>+180</TD><TD>OVER 9.5 +112</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>04:10 PM</TD><TD>910</TD><TD>New York Mets
P. Martinez</TD><TD>-1.5 +105</TD><TD>-191</TD><TD>UNDER 9.5 -122</TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>911</TD><TD>San Diego Padres
C. Reineke</TD><TD>+1.5 +127</TD><TD>+270</TD><TD>OVER 8 -115</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>06:40 PM</TD><TD>912</TD><TD>Arizona D-Backs
B. Webb</TD><TD>-1.5 -137</TD><TD>-300</TD><TD>UNDER 8 +105</TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>913</TD><TD>Kansas City Royals
Z. Greinke</TD><TD>+1.5 -121</TD><TD>+180</TD><TD>OVER 7.5 +102</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>09:05 AM</TD><TD>914</TD><TD>Cleveland Indians
C. Lee</TD><TD>-1.5 +111</TD><TD>-191</TD><TD>UNDER 7.5 -112</TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>915</TD><TD>New York Yankees
S. Ponson</TD><TD>+1.5 -137</TD><TD>+159</TD><TD>OVER 8.5 -103</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>04:05 PM</TD><TD>916</TD><TD>Toronto Blue Jays
R. Halladay</TD><TD>-1.5 +127</TD><TD>-167</TD><TD>UNDER 8.5 -107</TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>917</TD><TD>Minnesota Twins
S. Baker</TD><TD>+1.5 -150</TD><TD>+141</TD><TD>OVER 8 -108</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD1><TD>07:05 PM</TD><TD>918</TD><TD>LAA Angels
J. Lackey</TD><TD>-1.5 +140</TD><TD>-149</TD><TD>UNDER 8 -102</TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>Thu 8/21</TD><TD>919</TD><TD>Oakland Athletics
G. Smith</TD><TD>+1.5 -191</TD><TD>+106</TD><TD>OVER 8.5 -110</TD><TD vAlign=center align=middle rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR class=AD2><TD>07:10 PM</TD><TD>920</TD><TD>Seattle Mariners
R. Rowland- Smith</TD><TD>-1.5 +178</TD><TD>-114</TD><TD>UNDER 8.5 +100</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>


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Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

Dodgers RL - can't lay the juice but you have to play LA not to get swept at home in a very important game up against a weak pitcher


Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

I have had enough LAD, Relief are nothing but gas cans. CHAN OH NO I LOSE AGAIN.


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Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

Dodgers...Lowe is solid at home and De La Rosa is a gascan on the road. His last 2 outings have been decent but they were both against the Nats in which he gave up 2 runs and 3 runs in 13 ip. Dodgers feast on lefties and shouldn't have any troubles getting to Rosa early and often.


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Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

I think the better play in Dodgers/Rox is OVER 8.5

Day game meaning the ball travels further than at night and De La Rosa could give up 9 by himself and the Rox can score some runs

Braves/Mets sure looks ike an OVER seeing who is on the mound for both sides. Hampton has been throwing BP during the game and the 2008 Pedro is NOT the 1998 Pedro


Verly isnt going anywhere
Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

True Winky...over does look enticing in both match-ups.
Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

Hook anything with the Cubs for about even money. Cubs have lost 2-3 home series this year.


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Re: **early discussion** thursday baseball

I took a shot with the Royals @ +200. Good pitcher going & they are 23-16 against lefties. Worth a shot IMO....