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Manhattan would be 10 times better if it had a similar river going through their city- just like Chicago does. Beautiful!

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My kind of town, Chicago is. Great summer city. Avoid the winter months there. I survived several blizzards in Chicago. Glad I still have full movement in all ten fingers and ten toes.
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been there many times. luv the blues bars. Kingston mine on N halstead and rosa's lounge on w. armitage are my favorites. night of beer, blues and a chicago dog or two, good stuff.


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Thank to all for the kind words.
This shot was taken where the Chicago River splits. The branch you see there flows out to Lake Michigan. Tomarrow I'll show the other direction.
Picture was taken last weekend of July, this year.


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What a great picture. Looks absolutely amazing...we don't have buildings like those in wyotown.