EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (JIMMYTHEGREEK is our June contestant)


The opening odds start here
I actually won one. To quote the overrated and overpaid former New Jersey Net and Syracuse alumn Derek Coleman, 'whoop de damn doo'.

Jtg improves to 2-6 and ends his pathetic losing streak.

John Kelly

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Not meant to rub salt in the wound, Jimmy.

I apologize if the message offended you.

Not my intention.

I only wrote "Hehe" because I usually write "Improbable but not impossible."

This time, I added a twist to the phrase.

But, of course, it's NOT impossible to hit 15 straight.
Jimmy, you ran into a buzz saw. If I remember right, you did this contest once before and won it by a wide margin. As Yogi might have said: You can sum it up in two words, You never know.

I always enjoy seeing your picks and posts.


The opening odds start here
Thank you Texed. You are correct I did go 18-9 a couple of years ago, do maybe the othe side of the futility coin was due to rear its ugly head. I'll sum it up like Woody Woodpecker did with his famous gone right to the police quote. "If management would have followed proper scheduling protocol, this would never have happened".
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