EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (SVBETTOR is our November contestant)

241 / 242 Miss St / Ole Miss OV 67.5 WA Pinny is at 67 ov -16 so I would take a WA number
You can use the Pinny drop down to "sell" a half point, e.g, Game 241/242 OV 67.5 -110 was also the Pinny line.

If a game is scheduled when you pick it, but later cancelled or postponed, you can make it up (i.e. replace it) with another pick that is played later in the month.
Sport R My Life... I can take you in the Octagon only if BetDSI throws in 2K to add in the pot? I can take you on Modeler vs Pencil and Paper Capper. Let's set it up JK. If you dont go against me then go against Drnk

John Kelly

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CBB Play #1

#823 South Carolina/Tulsa over 134 -110

Final score: South Carolina 69 Tulsa 58.

Total died on the vine.

Tulsa was held scoreless in the second half for a nine-minute stretch.


Thanks for participating, SVB.

RAILBIRD warming up for December.

VIEJO DINOSAUR set for January.
SVB stands at 15-14.

In theory, his last selection will highlight the difference between a winning player and a losing one.
So ridiculous anyone tries to read much into these. I enjoy them and I have some theories of how one might tail these plays, but I'll keep it to myself. I do think JK its insane you have all this noise in here, its a contest and its by design hard to win. The picks behind the sharpest syndicates in the world wouldn't win it very often either, but when the didn't their handicappers wouldn't get fired for it. The fact that few hit it should imply nothing about the contestant's skills.

Just my two cents, but you should have the picks for these threads be limited to just the contestant and you so we can cleanly see the plays and results and not have to sift through idiots trying to challenge someone's skill at betting. Let the results speak for themselves.