Euro 2016 Draw today

the draw for the groups of Euro 2016 France is Saturday in the 12pm EDT hour but there will be a bunch of show shit before it.
I did a draw and Ireland got Belgium, Switzerland, Romania
Re: Euro 2016 Draw today

we Germans had a lucky draw once again:houra
yeah they got 2 teams they know how to beat Poland and Ukraine. I don't think the occupied 6 counties will be a problem for them either but the coach I the best they have ever had. I havnt looked to deep yet but if Germany wins there group like we know they should they will get the best 3rd place team from groups A, B, F I think it could be the English. you guys know a little something about sending them home. good luck
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I love Euro 2016. Most people would tell u harder to win than World Cup, b/c there are fewer weakling teams.

I'm cool w/ the 24 teams. More games, the merrier. What I don't like is 16 teams progressing. A group should always whittle teams down 50%. 12 teams advancing would be better.
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Benzema got in some trouble for supposedly "extorting" a French teammate for money on behalf of friends over a sex tape.
Thx, GB. I figured it was for an off-pitch incident. Didn't make sense for him to be excluded on performance.

Other route he could have taken...include Benzema! If he scores 5 goals and you win the cup, it's all water under the bridge.
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Truth be told, France has better attacking options than Benzema at the moment. I am a bit surprised the included Gignac but he's had a great season in Mexico and he can plan that classic #9 role if they need to brute force win over someone but between Griezmann, Giroud and Martial and those awesome wingers they are oozing with firepower.