Ever dream of working offshore?


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Re: Ever dream of working offshore?

it would be nice if you had the money to just get setup open a little bar and live off what you got. :cheers

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Re: Ever dream of working offshore?

When you think about it, $5/hour in CR under the table is like $7/hour in the US after adjusting for taxes and the potential for lower cost of living. Of course many of the guys in the sportsbooks don't exactly live a low cost of living lifestyle, but when you think about it that is about in line with a minimum wage job at home. If you are doing something you enjoy doing then the long work schedule probably won't bother as much as if you were doing something shitty and getting low pay for it. Not saying its ideal, but I can see why so many have taken a shot at it over the years and why a handful still show up looking to get into it.