Follow a Football Newsletter and Lose Money - Records showing Tout Sheets Suck - Week 1 and Week 2


TYVM Morgan William!!!
The whole premise of newsletters being a way to win is the problem. Have to pick games often without seeing what happens on Monday, you have no idea which way the lines are moving, have no chance to analyze the market and who's betting what...its all guess work. Imagine if we all had to make our bets on Monday morning and didn't have a chance to change our positions. Some of us would be able to maybe win 53-54%, but most would be 50/50 because that's all it is, wild guessing. Maybe in a past age this all made more sense, but with line moves, all the data and analysis we can look at with extra time and the ability to read the market now that didn't exist before and I'd say if you are still betting like a newsletter reader then you are just doomed.
Not to quote Railbird that everyone wants to see these newsletters but the fact that these newsletters are bad. Some go on streaks but do your own work is the key