Here is Ner World Order Athiest Bill Gates doing a Q and A on redditt

If Hillary would have won, or if Klobuchar is in charge you will have World Health Police knocking on your door to give you shots. You will have a cashless society because cash has germs. 5g coming to track your travel. Athiest Bill wants to put colored wrist bands on you, give you a digital id


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Bill & Melinda Gates' modeling for the virus has fueled much of the panic. The problem is, Birx and Fauci are relying on it. Their modeling has overshot widely on past viruses.
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This is WHO. Remember Bill Gates is the number two contributor to them outside of the the United States. These folks are the same ones who are supposed to be giving guidance to the world about COVID-19
I got a kick out of tucker the other day, he was talking about alan dershowitz and his denials about doing anything wrong when he visited epsteins island and houses. He said "we all have lawyers, and I like them fine, but I'd never consider having one come over to my house to hang out."