Historians rank Trump as one of the worst presidents in US history


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You’ve been crying like a bitch over your contrived “Obamagate” a lot longer after he’d left office

Pot meet kettle

It's called new evidence. Like the recent indictment of Michael Sussman, a DNC attorney, by the Durham investigation in the Obamagate scandal. HINT: The investigation is still going.

I don't fixate on the stupid things Biden says from a day ago much less a debate from last year or the 408x you've brought up Trump MENTIONING bleach injections.

The difference between you and I is that I care about the actions corrupt shitbags like Biden engage in. I care about the destructive policies he's implementing. I care about the substance. While you're like a teenage girl trying to impress by bending over in front of a mirror and twerking in a TikTok video - hoping that it looks and sounds good to your girlfriends and the boy you have a crush on.

You're not on my intellectual level and the fact that you think you're smarter than anyone here is proof of how dumb and lacking in self awareness you actually are.

boston massacre

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Always happy to point out to trumptards who make fun of Joes intelligence or awareness that the leader they bow down to is infinitely worse than Joe. And people like yourself are unaware to identify the irony in that.

For every Joe gaffe ten bigger ones of trump can be easily cited.

When Joe says anything that approaches shit for brain’s stupidity like suggesting bleach injections get back to us.

bleach injections

That Was To Get Snow Flake Dweebs Like You To Go In Panic Mode.

Trump Has Fun With Chumps Like You.

You Go Down on The Feebled One, Who is Anti-American, Just Like You.