How can you find any Thanksgiving NFL angles?


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Don't you think the Dallas line should be -4??? I know Jerry is very, very, sad about not beating the Patriots and motivation is on the Cowboys side so, that must be worth 3 points?

And Turkey Day - isn't history on the side of the Lions not matter what their record is?

Gobble, Gobble!


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Yes, also curious, on ATS all-time. Seems like they are a dog every year. But, this year - 3rd string QB? Maybe, it is pyschological - probably sucks to go on the road and be away from home on the holiday but, maybe players look forward to it being at home?
this is from 2018 :

Favorites on Thanksgiving are 27-11 (71.1%) against the spread since 2003 per Bet Labs. Teams favored by six or more points have gone 14-3 ATS.

On a short week, four days between games, favorites are 93-62-4 (60.0%) ATS since 2003.