How many of you guys hide your gambling?

Usually the ones who hide are the ones that are degenerate losers. Year in and year out I have a friend who gets stuck every year to the man. The funny thing is he believes he's going to win. His homework equates to reading the local paper's lines & standings then firing $50/100 plays on NFL Sunday ( yes there are squares out there not that I'm a sharp or anything) and when all said and done he'll be in the red. Try to point him in the right direction to cut down his loses and maybe win is a loss cause. Gamblers have big egos especially the ones that don't know jack shit about this business............what a gold mine.
I wouldn't go as far to say those who hide it are all the degenerate type. Seems like the guys that are always talking about it are the ones who have the real problem... parlaying and teasing left and right, always betting the sucker bet, etc...

Simply put, there's a stigma attached to gambling and gamblers in general because of the actions of those truly addicted to it. Are there those that can gamble and do so within their means? Certainly... But the ones most people see are those that are living paycheck to paycheck, throwing all of it on the big game.

I know personally that when my girlfriend of the time didn't think it was that big a deal that she mentioned to her father that I gambled on sports that I was extremely embarassed. Do I see a problem in it? No. But I'd go out on a limb and say that most people do.
The topic is hiding it from your better half not the public.........honestly is the best policy..............your MM skills may improve once she is in on it. Spending the diaper money............well we all know that's wrong. Trying to get even can get you even worse.
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Betting sports is not accepatable in America therefore you must hide it. It turns people off. Women do not like it either as I have lost over 16 years ago because of gambling.

Never ever say you bet, when people ask me did I watch Yankee game I just tell them I do not like sports and I am a hiker even though I knew ever line movement on the game.

Of course your boys know you bet but keep it to that.
I think alot of people hide what they win or lose from their Wifes or Girlfriends, thats just my opinion, but as far as gambling, its too hard to hide for a period of time.
Q: What do you do?
A: Offshore investor.

Q: What type of investments?
A: Extremely liquid short and long term performance investments.

Q: What are those?
A: Sort of like IPO?s, I find groups that have been undervalued and try to get in on the ground floor.

Q: Any money in that?
A: A little.


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I took some good advice way back, that was to be upfront about (10% of) your gambling to those who really matter in your life. Those close to you will eventually find out, and probably not in the way you would like. :D


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Why whos asking. Is that you honey. After the fifth time this month my sheetrocker had to fix the holes in my tv room. I think she is catching on.