I have notices this with players...

It used to be that they would come in for a raise with "Doyle", 10-2 off. Yesterday at the Bellagio in 15/30 limit I twice saw people call 3 bets out of the blind with Q7. If a starting hand has a "name" they are getting in there it seems!
Re: I have notices this with players...

Yeah, it helps if you can identify players who play these "named hands", it helps you identify them as loose and or maniacs. Probably should play looser and more aggressively against them if they are calling that kind of garbage to 3 bets.


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Re: I have notices this with players...

computer hand???:+clueless.....never heard it...why comp. hand???
may be cuz so many bad beats with it in online poker???:LMAO
Re: I have notices this with players...

I think Q7o is the hand that is 50% against any random hand.

So if you were in the small blind, and the action was folded around to you, and you had Q7o, you should be 50% to beat the big blind, whose hand is basically random.

I've also heard that J5s is about equal to Q7o. It's good to know in tourneys when you find yourself super short stacked (< 5 big blinds).

(By the way, a suffix of 'o' means offsuit, and 's' means suited. Not sure if that's obvious to everybody)