If they play this trailer for Exorcism of Emily Rose one more time..

Are you going to accept my Carib Challenge or not? This will be the last time I stalk you in one of your off-topic threads. Just need your contest account number. Mine is 69190. Then I can take it from there. You are not even needed at that point. Hell, you can even bring in a ringer and pick somebody else's account number like last year's winner, 21889. Won't matter. No one will beat me this year.

For the final time, how say you BP?
BettingProphets said:
whatever fuckhead you need proffessional help
It's spelled "professional". I can't believe this guy. Even when he's telling me to go to hell he still finds a way to hawk his capping "services". But if this finally gets me off your bulk spam email list, it'll all be worth it.