Interesting Jimmy Garrappolo story

I met him while golfing in Illinois. He was in for a wedding over the summer. He said he felt great and felt San Francisco was going to the playoffs with big time conviction. I just laughed it off.
Lol. Chubb gone is probably the main reason the line is where its at.

Otherwise no way SF would be that big against Cleveland especially the way they've been playing.
Thought I would spice up Monday might football. LOL. Not eventful but interesting enough. You have to remember he was coming back from injury. Not one soul predicted this 49er start. If you did, show me the proof.
Obviously Atlanta has a read on C.Martinez as well. He is toast. Not sure if hes tipping his pitches or what. Cardinals are fucked... you cant under any circumstances put him in the game today


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Last year the Niners were hyped the way the Browns were this year. Expectations were too big and Jimmy G gets hurt. The Browns are realizing hype isn't a good thing.
I bet the Hoodie is kicking himself for letting Jimmy G go. If he had Jimmy G he might win another 5 super bowls......after he wins another two with Tom Brady.
I could be wrong, but I think Hoodie wanted to keep him, but Kraft wanted him traded
yes I know. I was referring to the Hoodie not putting his foot down and keeping Jimmy. I have heard that Mr. Rub and Tug wanted to keep the golden child happy and traded Jimmy to keep Tommy boy happy.

I think that Belly is going to want to keep coaching a few more years after Tommy retires just to win a super bowl without him to but a stamp on his career. He seems to have that type of drive to stick it up the naysayers.