Is ICHIRO a good player?

Suzuki went 3-for-6 in his 1,000th major league game. He extended his hitting streak to 17 games with an infield single in the first.
His 1,414 hits is the second most since 1900 by a player in his first 1,000 games. Hall of Famer Al Simmons (1924-44) had 1,443 hits during his initial 1,000 games.

Damn! :+excited-

If he came up into MLB instead of Japan, I think he could have soared past Pete Rose's all-time hits record.
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The national sports media doesn't even know who this guy is.

Everything is A-Rod, Jeter, Shilling, Manny, Ortiz, Soriano, Pujols, etc. Not a word about a super-stud hitter. I remember watching Carew, Yount, Rose, and Ichiro is the same guy as them at the plate if not better.

East coast bias? I dunno...

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June 5, 2007:

Suzuki tied it with a bolt into the right-center seats on Bedard's first pitch. It was Suzuki's 25th career leadoff home run, tying him with Brian Downing for 14th on the career list.
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Ichiro Suzuki was 1-for-4 with a first-inning single that extended his hitting streak to 23 games, equaling the second-longest of his big league career and putting him within two of the franchise record he set in 2007.


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"There's nobody like Ichiro in either league—now or ever. He exists strictly within his own world, playing a game 100 percent unfamiliar to everyone else. The game has known plenty of 'slap' hitters, but none who sacrifice so much natural ability for the sake of the art... Ichiro, a man of wondrous strength, puts on impressive power-hitting displays almost nightly in batting practice. And he'll go deep occasionally in games, looking very much like someone who could do it again, often... [but] the man lives for hits, little tiny ones, and the glory of standing atop the world in that category. Every spring, scouts or media types write him off, swearing that opposing pitchers have found the key, and they are embarrassingly wrong."