JJ gold you have a few more major posters to deliver to eog


All I do is trytrytry
JJ You are on the clock to deliver Railbird to EOG. You said you were on it.

And who else are you negotiating with? Any major announcements pending from the golden one?
I have done good job so far

Railbird has been hard to get in touch with, I got a few guys working on it. He is one of best posters of all times and has great info with sports in general and inside stuff that know one else has.

Try try I did not forget rating EOG books


EOG Enthusiast
Coach you are to be commended. Many people have followed you from forum to forum. Railbird would be a great addition to this forum. I believe this quote best sums up what the Shrink has done. "If you build it, they will come". Shrink has built it and the sharp minds are coming. Patience is a virtue.
Chucky I never ghost and never will

Way too much work and plus I post way too much to do it

Chucky we have taken over the top forum already

Good Job Posters

Chucky I ma still recruiting, settle down and bang your man tonight.
Yeah JJ, Where's Railbird? He's a great poster. :+clueless
Good thread trytrytry, JJ should gogogo getgetget him!!!!! :D