Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash

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Lillard channeled "Black Mamba" last night.

He dropped 48 on the Lakers.

LeBron was not as close to Kobe as it seems.

I've heard Carmelo was much closer to Kobe than LeBron was.

Caremelo missed last night's game due to grief.


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I think it's time to drop the question mark in this thread title.

P.S I was surprised to learn Kobe only won one MVP award in 2008. I thought he had a least 2.
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I never pay attention to Laker games,but had a long drive last night down 101 from Central CA. so I tuned in to John Ireland and Mychal Thompson. My takeaways....
1. Those were mountains I drove by at Las Virgenes-or really big hills unlike any others near a freeway in SoCal. 2. LeBron had a crappy game 3. The media missed the real story that Kobe and Dame Lillard were very close.
AKA the Santa Monica Mountains.
7 of the 9 of the victims were Huntington Beach residents. Christina was a star guard at Edison hs. class of 99, husband Matt class of 97 went to Edison and Cal Poly, now a Frank Sinatra impersonator


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Gayle King feeling some much needed heat in her interview with Lisa Leslie. She slams the network even after her question about the 2003 rape allegations.
By all means , Feel sorry for yourself. By all means make excuses. By all means feel discouraged. By all means don't play like this game is the most important thing to you. By all means entertain yourself with other s--- because the game of baseball will be here forever and you will have infinite opportunities to play this game. You will have infinite opportunities to put on your gear, feel the glove, the ball, etc. The game of baseball will wait for you. Life will wait for you. Its not as life can be taken away from you at any moment. Nooo that would be crazy, that would be cruel. Right? So by all means play the game as if will have all the swings you can dream of and when the day comes when you realize baseball, that life doesn't work that way, you will understand that the best way to play is by ANY MEANS necessary. By any means. No excuses. No waiting. F--- patience. F--- injuries and f--- THEM. PLAY as if every at bat may be ur last because it very f---ing well could be. So let's make every single f---ing one count. Lets go get these f---ers!


"He was a collector," Tyler Parker, a family friend, likes to say, "of lost baseball souls."


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Lawsuit has nothing to do with Vanessa wanting money. She and the kids will never spend what Kobe is worth. She doesn't ever want this happening again to anyone else.