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BWE, Phil Steele has falsified his past history record. A poster on a another forum nailed him on it. He gave himself a win by using the opening number on a late phone release that lost. Steele had a good run a few years back in the pre-season. Those days are over. Bottom line, Phil Steele is a hustler who does not even bet his own picks. Why should you?

Would you like to book Phil's top weekly college play for me this season? I will play 2 dimes a hand at -110 and I get the line on the tape, just like Betmill will do for me.


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BWE, Just think what you are saying here. Mill is HOLDING up a line for you so you can bet Steele's plays into them. You think Mill is going to let you have a "so called" advantage ?
BWE, I will just parrot what Krackman just posted. Millennium makes it clear that if you win, they do not want any of your action. On the other hand, if you bet Phil Steele plays, not only will they give you a 25-35% bonus but they will "hold" the line until you make your play. I don't know what they call it where you reside, but in Las Vegas we say, "you're being played".


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Does anyone know if either of these place a hold on your money. I like to be able to get ahold of it within a day if I see a juicy bet elsewhere (obviously after meeting any rollovers on bonus funds).