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I was thinking the same thing tonight. She was cute in the 80's on NFL sidelines, but she's almost unrecognizable now. And her hair ... looked like something was wrong with her.

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Former husband Dick Stockton now has better hair than Lesley Visser. The two were married for 28 years.

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Average looking women should NOT tamper with their faces. Just accept your averageness and enjoy your life. Playing around with stuff like that doesnt make average looking women into pretty women.

Now, if you're actually UGLY i'd say it can't really hurt, but this chick wasnt ugly, she didnt need to screw around with it.

The girls who seem tempted to do this surgery are girls who think they're pretty and they're really close to being REALLY pretty and they just figure with a little work, they can go from the 7 range to the 8.5 range.....im afraid, that's not how it works.
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this is why guys with money have trophy wives, i laugh everytime when i see a 26 yr old guy pussy whip on a young gal.......give her 20 yrs and let me know if you still pwhip on the same gal


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I tune in to the Lions/Patriots game on CBS and there is Miss Visser. Facelift gone bad. I can't believe CBS puts her on TV.:LMAO
surprised she can smile w/o "breaking her face"


in this biz women with wrinkles find it hard to get work. she had to do this to stay your looking and keep her job. if she didn't do this and had the aging wrinkles that come with age many would be ripping her for the old wrinkly face - so it is "no-win" situation


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She looked horrible. Keep in mind, she had serious facial injuries in an accident in the 90's. It may have hastened her need for surgery.
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i think it depends on how many times the gal been bum screwed too as this makes the blood race to head and screw with the makeover.......................lol