Los Angeles Clippers - Memphis Grizzlies


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Los Angeles Clippers - Memphis Grizzlies

Recommendation: UNDER 199

Odds: 1.97

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

Clippers and Memphis resume their hard-fought rivalry from the past 3-4 seasons tonight and I will be quite surprised if the game doesn’t have at least a pinch of play-off intensity and atmosphere in it, with the whole history between these 2 teams!

Clippers feel really sorry for themselves currently, after heavy close defeats against top rivals like Houston and GSW. Both games features some questionable situations and referee calls, gone mostly against Clipps, and Doc and his boys are angry at the world right now. So it will be fight for every ball from them but star point guard and floor general Chris Paul will likely miss the game again because of strained groin. His replacement is Doc’s son, the young Rivers, and he’s not up to the task really (albeit only a few players around the league could fill Paul’s boots in all honesty). So Clippers offense shouldn’t be so fluent tonight.

Memphis also has their share of problems, some of their performances were quite flat for a contending team. Rumours are flying in the air about possible Zach Randolph trade (he is questionable tonight btw) and the atmosphere in the team is not perfect according all reports. What can they do to turn it around? What else except relying to their trade mark, the grinding stuffing defense.

So we have two teams quite desperate for the win (or at least for a good stabile game to steady the ship), not really liking each other, to put it mildly. They’ve gone over this total line only 1 from 4 meetings last season and I strongly favour this trend to continue tonight.