Mandatory payout Pick 6 @ Northfield Park on November 27

John Kelly

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The 20¢ Northfield Park Single Six (a unique combination Pick-6) carryover continues to grow as the wager was hit with multiple tickets on Sunday, pushing the carryover to $136,274.

This Wednesday (November 27) marks a mandatory payout date for the Single Six.

The 20¢ Northfield Single Six offers a low 14% takeout rate and carries over 50% of its nightly pool until it is solved by a single combination.

The 20¢ Northfield Single Six is offered nightly in the ninth race.


John Kelly

Born Gambler
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A 14% takeout rate is appreciated.

Especially over a six-race series.

The Stronach 5 still leads the way at 12%.

Any 10% takeouts out there?

I'm tired of the confiscatory rates of 20, 25 or even 30 and 31%.

Don't play a trifecta at Penn National, home of the highest takeout rates in the country.



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See their ads all the time. Giving away a Mercedes every Tuesday for a month. Their racing can't get me there but the car giveaway might.

John Kelly

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Northfield Park is the harness equivalent of Gulfstream Park with the way they post zero minutes to post for 10-15 minutes.

Tsk tsk.

John Kelly

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It will be easy to judge the overlay value of tonight's Pick 6 pool covering races 9-14.

There is a Pick 4 offered tonight with the same 14% takeout in races 11-14.
I like Mountaineer Park's promptness where scheduled post time is actual post time.

Like an on-time airline.
nyra is the same way.. love it. Even though, I’ve temporarily quit horses. Too much of a grind and went months without winning big. It wasn’t fun anymore, and that’s always a sign to take a long break