Million Dollar Bowl Game

Re: Million Dollar Bowl Game

Congratulations to Bjluenberger for winning first place and $500 in the Muleriders
Best Bowl Contest. Bj edged BigOrange by winning the 4th tiebreaker. Also, BigOrange
picks up the $100 bonus for naming the MVP for the game. Good job to all of you.

Bjluenberger $500
BigOrange $225
Karmaisreal $125

Please PM me your name and address and I will mail out winnings no later
than Wedesday. Been fun for us an appreciate you guys playing.
Re: Million Dollar Bowl Game

Thanks Clover - I just sent you a PM. Sorry - i had some situations where no computer access for a while. Really appreciate you doing this - was great!
Re: Million Dollar Bowl Game

Karmaisreal, just got your PM. Thanks
Prize will be mailed no later than Wednesday, 18th of this week. Thought you
had move out of the country or something.

Attn: BigOrange and BJ
Please confirm that you received your prize. Was mailed Tuesday the 10th.
Re: Million Dollar Bowl Game

Thanks Mr. K.

Next year you and Bj and Big O will get a first round bye in the tournament.
We may put up a $1000 for the winner so beating that first game might be
a kick start for you three. (Remember this post in case I forget next year)

Good job K. (Hang loose for basketball...may through something together
during Big Dance.)