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I'm currently at Gulfstream Park.

No live racing but simulcast racing from Saratoga and Del Mar is available.

Took advantage of a five-hour layover in Fort Lauderdale.

Only a $10 Uber ride from the airport to Gulfstream Park.

Unfortunately, the Uber ride was the least expensive part of my journey today.
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Say HELLO to the great state of Mississippi

The first bets have been made. Legal sports betting in Mississippi is now open. History is made in the state, exactly 26 years after the first dockside casino opened a mile east of here :cheers
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At high noon, Beau Rivage became the first coast casino to accept sports bets. Simultaneously, Beau Rivage's sister property in Tunica, Gold Strike, opened its sports book. Former NFL players Willis McGahee and Robert Royal were in Biloxi to celebrate with Beau executives in an official ceremony.

GOING forward this is schedule

The third-party approvals will likely be ratified at the Mississippi Gaming Commission’s August 16 meeting. Based on that information, the target openings for coast casinos are as follow:

Aug. 20

  • Palace Casino
August 24

  • Golden Nugget
  • Treasure Bay
  • Silver Slipper

  • Harrah’s
Mid-to-late August

  • Boomtown
  • Hollywood
End of August

  • Island View
After Mid-September

  • Scarlet Pearl


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Re: Mississippi has gone live

I’m curious as to who will be running the books at the following properties:

Treasure Bay
Silver Slipper
Island View
Scarlet Pearl

Will any of these books be independent, or will they sell out to William Hill like most of the small Nevada casinos have done?

This could be a VERY fun fall coming up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast...

And we haven’t even gotten to Tunica and Vicksburg yet....

Stay tuned.
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asportsguy, keep the updates coming. Would like to know the lines they're using. Similar to Vegas -110/-110 lines?

Mississippi has been an under-the-radar gaming state for a while. Have been to Vicksburg battle site, nice memorial there.
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""“The two Mississippi gaming resorts, both part of the MGM Resorts International portfolio," "

They seem to be using the same baseball betting lines as their property in Vegas and elsewhere

This sports betting "thing" could get wild when SEC football starts SEPT 1.
Confirm that MGM'S " gold strike" casino are using their same vegas lines and this with any wager over $1000 has to be confirm first by vegas

Also just saw this ""Penn National Gaming, Inc. (PENN:Nasdaq) (“Penn National” or the “Company”) announced today that the Company expects to begin offering sports betting at Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast and Boomtown Casino Biloxi on August 17[SUP]th[/SUP], 2018, and at _Hollywood Casino Tunica, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Jackpot Casino Tunica, and Resorts Casino Tunica on August 24[SUP]th[/SUP], 2018.""

Tiny Tunica getting it rolling
If Penn National is doing their own thing and not farming it out to William Hill or some other already-established operator, then this is huge news.
I’ve not yet made it in person, but I saw a news story on it shot from one of the Hollywood books and the background graphics looked an awful lot like William Hill. can anyone confirm?

dammit :(
Horseshoe tunica "Ceazurs" and Gold strike "MGM resorts" are indeed using their Las vegas lines
That Horseshoe is planning big watch party for SEPT 1 those SEC games
My . . . nonsportsbetting . . . friends down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast seem to believe that I can do anything there that I can in Vegas, as they want me to move back east.

Does anyone know how many different outs -- books under different management as opposed to multiple locations of books under the same flag -- there are on the Gulf Coast?

Given that Mississippi so far has taken a horse-and-buggy approach to sports betting -- no in-state mobile betting -- the availability of different outs in other parts of the state doesn't mean much as a practical matter, short of using runners, which I don't do.

Would appreciate any input from anyone on the ground down there also as to how the market there is for a bettor. Re: limits, cutting off winning bettors, etc.

Perhaps someday they'll equal or surpass Nevada as a sportsbetting marketplace for the bettor, but my assumption going in would be that Mississippi currently has less outs and a less bettor-friendly market overall as to limits, cutting off winners, etc.

And they clearly don't have mobile.

Nor have I heard of any football contests down there yet.

Pre-sportsbetting, I had been down at the casinos in that neck of the woods many times over the years. From what I saw at least then, to say that "they're just like Vegas because they have casinos" is pretty laughable generally.

Anyway, would appreciate some insight from folks familiar with the current state of the market in Mississippi.

The Beau Rivage opened its new multi-million-dollar sportsbook, The TAP, in July. Although it gets hammered with New Orleans bets from Saints fans who make the 90-mile trek to Biloxi on Sunday
BILOXI, Miss. – Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of Mississippi sports betting, as the first legal wager was accepted at noon on August 1, 2018, at the Beau Rivage Casino.
Since that date, sportsbooks in the coastal region, like the one at the Beau Rivage, have been the main source of the state’s industry. This region is comprised of a heavy majority of the Mississippi sportsbooks, and the action never seems to end in these towns.
Over $189 million has been bet on sports in this area alone – more than the combined total for the central and northern regions of Mississippi. Just in 2019 so far, the books have collected $86 million, but the weight of the betting action was targeted towards football near the conclusion of 2018.
Since the state’s launch, over $77 million was bet on football – just in the coastal region – which is higher than the overall handle for each of the other regions.
However, as bettors in Mississippi are keen on football statistics and trends, it was actually basketball that made the coastal region sportsbooks the most money ($5.26 million). Football wasn’t far off with $4.80 million.
Mobile betting has yet to exist in the state – at least from outside of the casino venues. Until legislators agree on a measure that would permit statewide wagering, Mississippi bettors will be stuck betting on the NFL from inside the casino for yet another year.
LegalSportsBetting reached out to the Beau Rivage Casino to hear their feedback on mobile betting, the expansion of the industry, and their goals for year two. Sportsbook manager Will Hall was generous enough to share some of the insights.
Betting on college football hasn’t seen too much action at the Beau Rivage yet, especially on the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers, according to Hall. Between the time for the wagers to be graded as well as the lower odds, sports bettors have found themselves going in other directions.
However, as the locals are sure to bet with their hearts, Hall explained that there is “a lot of LSU action.”
As for mobile betting, there were mixed emotions about the possibility of legislators approving a measure next year.
“The whole point is to get guests to come to the Beau,” said Hall. “Mississippi betting is designed to get people to the property and give them no reason to leave.”​
Hall also explained though, how in-game betting would benefit greatly from the expansion, especially during the busy NFL and collegiate football seasons. Being able to wager without leaving their chair, bettors would be more inclined to keep at it without the fear of standing in line and missing an opportunity.
The belief, however, is that bettors will be pleased with or without mobile betting, according to Hall. The brand-new renovated sportsbook just opened at the Beau Rivage and bettors will likely be blown away.
“The room is gorgeous and TVs will display every football game so that every bettor will be able to see the screens,” said Hall. “[Add in] nice draft beers and what more could you ask for?”​
Aside from the sports betting, Hall is also looking forward to the addition of bettors being able to take wagers on horse races. Hall, a longtime fan of the horse racing industry, went on to explain how it’s “not if, but when” the Beau Rivage will start to offer the action.
With carousels for bettors available to lay out their horse racing and sports betting data, the lounge is a dream come true, according to Hall. Also, there are touch screen TVs that will display any horse race, so both types of bettors will be more than satisfied.
Hall loved the first year of Mississippi sports betting, even though he can’t believe a year has passed already. He detailed that there is a possibility for sports betting and horse racing action to receive benefits for M life Rewards Cardholders, but it isn’t the easiest process.

HELLO great state of ARKANSAS

You can now bet your favorite games and event at Oaklawn's Race & Sports Book located in the Casino. Numerous wagering options will be offered including parlays, teasers, in-game wagering and prop bets.
Sports offered include:
• Football (NFL and NCAAF)
• Basketball (NBA, WNBA, NCAAM)
• Baseball (MLB and NCAA)
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Hours of Operation:
10 am - 10 pm for teller wagering.
Sports wagering kiosks are available from open to close of the casino
Nice updates . . . pic reminds me of how lovely Mississippi girls can be (well at least from what we can see in the shot) . . . that benefit aside, they really need to go mobile, especially to tempt me to moving back east.

Surprised that a manager at an MGM property has such a limited view of the benefits of mobile. My understanding was that mobile has dramatically increased sports book handle out here, I believe outweighing the benefit from getting and keeping people on property where they will spend and lose money also elsewhere at the property. Maybe he's just putting a good face on the situation created by the horse-and-buggy mentality in the state legislature.

Sports Betting Now Open at Southland Casino Racing Posted By Toby Sells on Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 12:22 PM
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  • Southland Casino Racing
  • Sports betting opened at Southland Casino Racing on Tuesday.
The Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl 54 on Sunday.

That’s the prediction of Le Le, one of the Memphis Zoo’s giant pandas, anyway. Think you know better? Wanna bet? Put some money on it? Now you can, right across the river.

Southland Casino Racing opened its book for sports betting on Tuesday. There, you can make wagers on Sunday’s game, the NBA, college basketball, NASCAR, PGA tournaments, and more.

You can place your bets at teller windows or one of the many kiosks inside the Sports Bar & Grill and other spots inside the casino.