More of Zorns brilliant coaching

you have the ball on the eagles 37 and its 4th and 14, down 17, in the 4th. You dont punt it. You dont even consider punting. Punting it cant even cross your mind. You're going to need some things to happen in order to win and you're going to need the ball for those things to happen. You need to make a play and get 14 yards. You dont get it, philly gets the ball. Punting it is just giving up. Zorn is an awful coach and this is just the latest chapter.

Inexcusable move and there is no debating what he should have done there.
Re: More of Zorns brilliant coaching

6:50 left, 4rg nd 1, and they are huddling up.

just quick snap sneak it.

just bad coaching
Re: More of Zorns brilliant coaching

now zorn is calling timeouts lol.

they were snapping the ball with 2 seconds left on the play clock play after play. never seen a less intelligent coach.
Re: More of Zorns brilliant coaching

Yep I agree. Just saying the skins need coaching and better talent to become competitive again.

Philly has NOT impressed me tonight. They are Cowboyish at best.
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The skins dont need much more talent really. They need help on the line and perhaps a qb. They have tes/wrs/backs and tons of talent on defense.

they should win games.
Re: More of Zorns brilliant coaching

Do you think Clinton Portis is toast?

I think his best days are behind him. OL for sure, Davis @ TE has good hands, a stud WR would help...
Re: More of Zorns brilliant coaching

yeah portis isnt much these days, but he is a hell of a blocker. I dont think you need an elite back, but it doesnt hurt. I think cart should get more chances, i like their position at fb, betts is a fine backup. We're average at rb. drafting a guy like spiller to play 3rd down and return kicks would be nice.

I think thomas/moss could be a great duo at wr, but we dont protect well and i dont think they are coached very well. Look at thomas now, every time they get the ball in his hands he does something explosive.

Davis and Cooley are a nice pair of TEs.

Losing your top 2 Olineman is hard to deal with. Samuals and thomas are great players and we were not deep there going into the year. we need to address that position in free agency.