My kind of store, boyz


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great review.

The owner (I assume by his suit that he thinks makes him look important and his loud, annoying dress shoes and the fact that he just went right behind the counter) walked in this past Tuesday as myself and another customer were in line getting checked out, looked outside and said, "What's up with all those (n-word)'s?" loud enough so that we could all hear it.

I would usually tell him to eff off but I didn't because what kind of crazy person says that in front of their own customers? I legit thought he'd shoot me.

The guy behind the counter (tall, with glasses) was so mortified I couldn't even believe it. He looked like he was going to puke.

So I'm just doing my duty as a human being and letting everyone I possibly can know what this guy is like and how gross of person he is. DON'T PUT MONEY IN HIS POCKET.

Place is pretty crappy in general anyways.
Dell Dude? you can't take 2 seconds from your laughable nonsense fake postings and intentional misspellings and occasional terrible moderating to even post a thought on this subject?

please, John, please!