NBA New York Knicks - Cleveland Cavaliers


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NBA New York Knicks - Cleveland Cavaliers

Recommendation: Cavaliers – 6

Odds: 1.862

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

From the school of blindingly obvious, I like Cavs here. They’re in form, 7 straight wins after the single loss in the opener and I’m sure Bron will give many and much to follow Steph Curry winning streak as long as he can. The game is in MSG but LBJ doesn’t usually pay attention to such details. He’s still the most dominant player in the game (definitely not the one with best skill set) and will surely try to impose his will on Carmelo, the rest of the Knicks team (pretty mediocre, excluding the rookie Porzingis), referees and even Spike Lee, the most famous Knicks fan Kevin Love is making way stronger season so far, reminding the old Love from Minny. Quite surprisingly, Mo Williams is fitting very well in Kyrie’s boots, making assists and providing scoring when needed.

Knicks recorded 4 wins from 9 games but primarily against moderate opponents. They already lost by 10 points in Cleveland in the first game in the series and I doubt something could really change tonight. Carmelo is hit or miss, ok, but even if he scores 35 tonight, Knicks could still find a way to lose badly. Porzingis is great talent for the future of course, just not a deciding factor now. Jose Calderon has his best years left long beside him in his career and the returning from injury Arron Afflalo is rusty.

So this is it, LBJ having an OK night should get the job done here.