NBA Washington Wizards - Houston Rockets


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NBA Washington Wizards - Houston Rockets

Recommendation: Wizards - 3

Odds: 1.892

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

It seems like these 2 teams are heading in a different directions currently.

Wizards had a mini slump, some very bad no show games, caused by a rift between Superstar John Wall and Coach Randy Wittman maybe. This seems a distant past now though after a superb win in Miami. Wall showed a good leadership example, playing in the game and giving out his 100 % after he got a knee knock in the previous game. Wizards have never been world beaters so far and won’t suddenly become one from now on. They are resilient though, especially at home and should really start adjusting their home record for the season (4-6 currently). They’ve had one day of rest unlike Houston who are back to back. Center Marcin Gortat is expected to be back in the team and ready for action tonight after he attended his family in Poland for personal reasons last week.

Rockets have even bigger problems than the ugly loss yesterday in Brooklyn. They lost Trevor Ariza after a hard fall to the floor. He was assisted in walking out of the court, never returned and his participation tonight is doubtful. Add to that the usual rest Dwight Howard gets in the second night of back to back spots (albeit no official info yet of course, it will become known shortly before game time) and the uncharacteristically bad offensive performance from Harden.

I’m sure The Beard will be better tonight, it’s not so hard to eclipse a 10-point night after all but he will probably be entitled to guard one of Wall / Beal pair and this means a lot of easy baskets for the home team with the lack of defensive effort Harden is showing.

In a nutshell, this is just the next ‘’normal’’ let down spot for Houston on their East trip