New football contest to give the SuperContest a run for its money

Just heard this on vsin follow the money. Mike palm who I believe works for the D casino.

5 NFL sides. Lines out Thursdays morning.

$1,000 entry (no juice!!!!)

$1,000,000 guaranteed for 1st w no minimum of entries required.

Top 10 paid.

Best record after each quarter (1-4, 5-9 etc) wins $50k.

If you are in Nevada you can enter your plays via the app.

So guaranteed prize pool is $1.5M the extra money will go to the prize pool for the quarterly winners.

This is great since no matter how you start you have a 4 week sprint for a 50k+ prize.

No mention of how many entries you will be allowed.

Sounds like Derek Stevens at the D sportsbook is going to try somethings this coming football season to be more of a bookmaker instead of a bean counter.

Also....Mike talked about a no juice betting day only on sides made at the counter. Meaning for baseball lines will be +135/-135. NBA will be -3/+3 +100 both sides.

I didnt catch when this starts but if someone knows please post.

Good stuff here in Vegas.
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Derek Stevens has the old-school mindset when it comes to running casinos. (Think Benny/Jack Binion mold)

Give the gambler a fair shake and let the resultant good publicity bring bodies through the door.

Good on him!!!
I've said this many times but they really need to forget about the Thursday games and release lines Friday with a Saturday deadline.

Also using a -3 +2.5, +6.5 -7 format will make it more a true handicapping contest.

If I'm able to use a proxy, I'll be entering.
Don't believe that there's an official webpage link just yet.

Tuley didn't mention one in his take across the street:

And this is the VSiN audio file with Mike Palm:

He talks about the no juice day (for window betting only) on June 1 starting at about the 16:30 mark.

He talks about the contest from about 18:45 to 21:05 in the part of the interview that I listened to.

With the contest lines being posted on Thursday morning, they will be a bit "fresher" than the SuperContest Wednesday contest lines, with the extent of that each week depending on line variances between the two books together with intervening information and market line movement.

As noted by others, no word yet as to when the selections have to go in, including via the mobile app.

Believe that Palm said that any "excess" money over the $1.5 million guaranteed ($1M to 1st, whatever they have for 2nd to 10th, and at least 50K for monthly prizes) will go to the monthly prizes (or "quarter-season" prizes looking at it from that perspective). So looks like 1st place is locked in at $1M regardless of the size of the entry pool.
SP if you happen to speak with Tuley, mention to him that this D contest should opt for a few hours later deadline than WG. That will allow last minute proxies to be able to drive to their casinos and submit picks.
Will do (although he's probably listening virtually, lol) . . . 2 PM PT works for me, that was the selection deadline for the South Point contest from a few years back, and it fit in well in my Saturday rotation.

Not necessarily a lot of additional line movement in that 11AM to 2PM time slot, so shouldn't contribute much to stale line dynamics. Seems to me subjectively that -- absent some dramatic NFL news in that time window -- NFL line movement is mostly muted until more money starts freeing up from the Saturday games and moving over into NFL wagers.
If they really want to separate their contest from the others which involve more line shopping than actual handicapping, using a +6.5 -7, -3 +2.5 format would be a welcomed format.

I'm very pleased to see another sportsbook give WG some competition and their 8% rake.
The DraftKings SuperClusterFuck Contest if I recall, lol.

Hopefully just a growing pains type thing.

But I think Rail is talking about a season-long football contest. I'm watching, too, to see if there's anything going to be offered in any of these other jurisdictions that would tempt me to fly back east and retain a proxy or proxies. (Wasn't tempted by the DraftKings thing, even with the recent bankroll boost.)

As you've covered in other threads, Top, the SuperBook may be somewhere over there soon, if they haven't already done so and I missed the article. Their running game plan is to have SuperContest East offerings.

People can grouse about the SuperContest structure (I like it, but . . . ) and occasional contest management issues on the fringes sometimes. But in all events, the SuperBook crew are the pros from Dover when it comes to reliably running football contests without major malfunctions. East coasters, on balance, would be well served by a SuperContest East, especially in terms of reliability of contest administration.

But the nice thing about the whole situation is that it should be -- at some point -- fertile ground for many new and different contest formats in these multiple new jurisdictions.

And it's also good to see this Circa contest here in town. I was spoiled early here with all the varied contest offerings in Las Vegas. After that, it was a long dry spell with not much else other than the SuperContest. Starting to see at least a little bit of -- a little -- variety again with the Golden Nugget and this Circa contest. Hopefully, that's the beginning of a renewed trend in town of multiple contests with even more varying formats, with something for everyone.

Personally, I'm not looking/hoping for any major format changes in the SuperContest/Gold. But I always look with interest at new contest offerings to add in the mix.
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Thanks, Bob.

On a quick scan, I like the format/rules. 3PM Sat selection deadline means that a contestant in both contests can keep their SuperContest picks (assuming no changes or differences) close to the vest up through that earlier deadline.

Nice juicy payouts on those monthly/quarter-contest mini-contests. Never really completely out of a shot at a decent chunk of change until maybe Week 15 or so in that last quarter (consisting of 5 weeks) if your Weeks 13 and 14 don't go well.

But I couldn't find where it spelled out the prizes for 1st through 10th. I see the tiebreaker rules for those places, and all the stuff about the quarterly prizes, but not the main season-long prizes. Could just be be sleep deprivation from my neighbors' ()&)(&*& tv in the middle of the night.
Some info:

2nd place is worth $100K, 3rd = $60K, 4th = 35K, ... down to 10th = 5K per Mike Palm of Circa. Implies 5th thru 9th aggregate payout is 300K-200K = 100K, so the breakdown probably is 30K, 25K, 20K, 15K, and 10K.