New Mexico +11.5 vs Utah State

I’m all over this one even though I know nothing about the players on the teams.

HC Harriman at UNM is best of friends with HC Craig Smith at Utah State. They worked together for years and were golf buddies. Craig is a super nice guy too, he’ll leave the backdoor open for sure if Chris doesn’t know his buddies X’s and O’s enough as it it to keep it within the number.

GL, go Lobos
Good Luck. Always wondered about the coaching friend angle.

It's not w/out merit. But I've also seen some blowouts, once the game starts. IE, Bobby Bowden beat down TommyB pretty good one time.
Staying within a twenty point blowout is one thing, but I think the angle is out the door for an 11’ point impost. Kind of tough to manipulate that in a win or go home scenario.

GL though
Jk does New Mexico St look athletic enough to compete against a top seed if they get through the WAC tournament?

Only watched 2 games
vs St Marys and they did not play well that day

And vs New Mexico
they killed New Mexico, but that was because of Weir's stubbornness as New Mexico St torched the Lobos press.


EOG Master
So much of whether USU, all season, creates margin depends if Merrill is on. If not, it's always
an ol' barn burner.....