NFL Pre Season - Moneyline Dogs

I started a tracking thread at the SBR forum and thought I would post it here as well. I play every moneyline dog in the preseason blindly without handicapping the games. This system has always built me a nice bankroll heading into the regular season.

I will add to this tracking thread each night if there are games. You can get a better line and my actual units are slightly higher than this as I am just using the closing Don Best CRIS line for the tracking. I play a dime on each game and normally can find a better line that the ones that are used for this tracking.

Here is where we stand after tonight:

Tonight: 2-1 +1.7 units
YTD: 11-10 +4.65 units

Tennessee +140 (Won) +1.4 units
Minnesota +105 (Lost) -1 unit
Cincinnati +130 (Won) +1.3 units
Here are the best lines available this morning:

Cleveland +275 (CRIS)
Green Bay +225 (CRIS)
Jacksonville +140 (CRIS)
Miami +159 (PINNACLE)
Houston +153 (PINNACLE)
NY Giants +127 (PINNACLE)
Philadelphia +145 (PINNACLE)
Chicago +230 (BOWMANS)
Arizona +164 (PINNACLE)
San Francisco +250 (CRIS)
I was here last night but yesterday was my daughter's birthday so I think I only got one post in. cheers

Good luck with your plays...I am sure you are putting a lot more work into yours than I did mine! But this system is the one of the few I have found to be successful year in and year out and it is nice to have something on the games without having to spend hours handicapping them in the pre season. It eases me into the regular season and has always been a nice bankroll boost heading into the season.

I'll be looking for your plays to see who you are on!
Nice early winner on Cleveland +275. I will update the daily and YTD record after the final game tonight.

It is always nice to cash a winner like that when playing a system like this because there is so much action for the day. That helps eliminate any chance for a big hit since all of the plays are for 1 unit even and you get to start the day with a +2.75 unit winner.
Big night! That was fun!

Tonight: 7-3 +9.55 units
YTD: 18-13 +14.2 units

Cleveland +275 (Won) +2.75 units
Green Bay +250 (Lost) -1 unit
Jacksonville +140 (Won) +1.4 units
Miami +150 (Lost) -1 unit
Houston +160 (Won) +1.6 units
NY Giants +145 (Won) +1.45 units
Philadelphia +140 (Won) +1.4 units
Chicago +230 (Won) +2.3 units
Arizona +170 (Won) +1.7 units
San Francisco +275 (Lost) -1 unit
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