No Coincidence Browns Same Color As Dog Shit....


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I get sucked in the last few years with the pre-season hype and again...same ol' Browns.....this was a divisional opponent for
Christ sake.
Would you rather be sitting there having gotten blasted thinking well we lost badly to one of the best of the league, or be the fan who had to be reminded there's a reason they call your team the Bungles? I think a lot easier to overcome a horrible no doubt about it loss than one where you are thinking how did we F that one up against a team that was practically giving the game to us.

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Westgate opened Baltimore -8.5 and closed Baltimore -7.

Total opened 49 and closed 47.5.

It takes two teams to clear the total.

Final score: Ravens 38 Browns 6.


The opening odds start here
He is so not on the same page with Beckham. But we all know who eventually takes the fall and suffers the consequences. Add to it a piss poor defense. The bench is warm and fuzzy by midseason.


The opening odds start here
Opening up the season losing by nearly 5 TD's is not a good sign given the fact that their pattern has been dropping winnable games to middle of the road teams the past couple of seasons. Mayfield needs to stick to commercials, old coach, new coach, or lame duck coach.
A rookie QB making his second career start and first on the road, and on a short week, I have to think the playbook has been trimmed a bit, I would expect more running from the Bengals and try to put Burrow in good spots
You also said Darnold and Rosen were two stars of their draft.....

Burrow is impressive and will have a greater career than your two west coast softies....
Burrow already more composed and better than Darnold. Rosen? Needs a chance and some team to believe in him like they do with Darnold and Baker. Might never get it again, unfortunately. Kid has ability.