OhioSt @ Michigan

John Kelly

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OSU has won seven straight in the series and 14 of the last 15 meetings.

Over the last 15 meetings, OSU holds a 2-1 edge in rushing yards.

That's old-school football: Run the ball, stop the run.

Last season: Ohio State 62 Michigan 39.


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To me this looks like the classic parlay: Fave/Over or Dog/Under
i’ll disagree with you. Michigan loses because Harbaugh gets conservative in big games, its his undoing. I think for Michigan to have a chance, they must score 35+, as no one has really slowed down Ohio St yet. I know Michigan has a very good D, but they cant have the D win it. Patterson can erase a lot of demons with a good performance. This game really sets up nice as you never really know how the Buckeyes will respond with a new coach if Mich could take the lead.
Ex Michigan defensive coaches Greg Mattison and Al Washington will be on the field for Saturday’s contest coaching for the Buckeyes.


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Harbaugh's defense has been shredded to the tune of 118 points the last two times they've played OSU, Jesus Fucking Christ!

John Kelly

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Harbaugh falls to 0-5 against Ohio State.

• Loss: 42-13
• Loss: 30-27
• Loss: 31-20
• Loss: 62-39
• Loss: 56-27


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I loved the post-game question that rattled Harbaugh when he was asked if the gap between schools is coaching, talent, etc...