Question about Supreme Court

She was appointed because she was a big shot at the ACLU and an ultra-liberal. Thus she met the Clinton Doctrine for the destruction of the constitution.

Being a woman was just another boost for the politically correct crowd.


EOG master
Sorry Merlin, RBG was just released from the hospital, according to reports she's home and doing well, better luck next time
Sick Cultists rooting for death yet again.
It worked with mccain, didn't work with chris cuomo, I'm 50-50 .

What i do is whisper a short prayer under my breath, it goes like this," please lord Donald, take ruth ginsburg from this world and send her to hell where she belongs.". I'm very religious.
They're all crying like the bitch babies they are. K. Schumer, black neighborhood organizer, eat pork, new scotus coming soon.
Trump is the finest politician, the finest man of our time. He nailed it, he said this is why they were elected, to do their jobs when the time comes, to fail to move ahead is a betrayal of the people who elected them.

Who can argue with that?
Pure genius that Trump made that SC selection now.

Yes! It means the end of Obamacare and coverage of pre existing conditions. Something the RepubliCons have wanted for a decade. About 25 million Americans will lose their coverage. Something RepubliCons have been wanting for a decade. Simply genius.
I think it was a couple of months before the 2016 election.
A woman from West Virginia needed medication for something that was literally keeping her alive at a cost of around $600/month...without it she drops dead.
The interviewer was trying to explain to her how if trump and the gop had their way she would lose that coverage.
She kept responding that trump cared and and she was sure he would take care of people like her.
Looks like this may not work out well for her.
there won't be a country soon... everything will fall down, the only thing will be left standing will be the banks and sports books so the bettors can play.