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Nice they received votes in AP top 25 for the first time in program history. Wins on the road versus Notre Dame and Texas
ain't easy on their athletic budget. Raise your hand if you know what state Radford is in.

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Radford killed my six-team parlay by beating Texas the other day. (Had the Longhorns on ML)
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Cannot stump Don Eagleston.

Just looked it up.

Frank Beamer and ESPN's Marty Smith are Radford University graduates.

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Radford won an NCAA tournament game last season as a #16 seed.

The Highlanders beat fellow #16 seed LIU-Brooklyn in one of the First Four games before losing to eventual national champion Villanova in the first round.

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I don't think Birdie is going to support Radford's head coach Mike Jones despite Jones being named Big South Coach of the Year last season.

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I ran into some Radford students on the applachain trail up at McaFee Knob. They said the admins were hell bent on being big time in basketball.