Republican losses Not Bush's Fault


EOG Master
The governor?s race was over early in Virginia, despite close polling data in the days leading up to the election.
Political strategist, author and commentator Dick Morris says the GOP challenger has no one to blame but himself for the defeat.
Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, defeated Kilgore to win the job in the statehouse. Kaine won on the strength of his close relationship with popular Gov. Mark Warner, says Morris, and despite an eleventh hour campaign visit on behalf of Kilgore by President George Bush. Morris said mainstream media will likely blame Bush's visit - and his low job approval rating - as the anchor that sunk Kilgore. Yet, said Morris, Bush should not be held responsible for the Republicans not regaining control of the Virginia governor's office

"Kilgore lost because he ran a really dumb campaign,? Morris told Fox News after the election results were announced Tuesday night. "He accused Kaine of opposing the death penalty, when Kaine said he personally opposed it, but would enforce the law.
"If [your opponent] is enforcing the law, you can?t use it against him as a campaign issue. You can?t blame George Bush for Kilgore running a really dumb campaign.?