gl i'll play along.

i'm on iowa o138 as well. both teams will look to push the ball... iowa's press should give up some easy baskets as well.

I really love SJST -3 tomorrow, I can't believe this line..

SJST's Oliver is a beast, best player on the court almost every night, can score 30 any night and likely will in this game. Avgs 25 a game already this season. SJST might even have the 2nd best player on the court with Graham who is playing extremely well so far and rumor is his wrist is back to 100% SJST is improved, better than expected thus far, SJST is on the rise, they beat a PAC-10 team for the first time since 92 and did it on the road, they are 4-1 ATS.

Santa Clara has been a disappointment thus far and have been getting a lot of love from the books, 0-6 ATS.. They returned a lot of starters from a shit team last year that went 3-11 in conf, they got Foster back who is solid but it hasnt translated to much success.. They've lost 3 in a row and have given up 80 or more against any team with a pulse. The books continue to over value santa clara, this line should be -7. Santa Clara has trouble shooting from the outside sometimes and they aren't a good defensive team.. Lots of weakness.

santa clara has no one to guard Oliver, and SJST beat them last season @ Santa Clara 74-68..

Its rare to get the better @ home and only have to give up a measley 3 points, but thats the case here.

SJST 20-11 @ home last 3 yrs
Santa Clara 9-19 on road last 3 yrs​

The reason UCLA is down now, is because Kerry Keating isnt their to recruit for them. He is a much better hustler than Howland. Didnt have Foster last yr. Rivalry game. I hate the bet.

Jose squaeked by terrible Riverside and E Wash, lost to Bakersfield. Beat Irvine without 2 front court starters.

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Interesting note about SJSU: the Spartans were held scoreless for the first four minutes of their last game against Irvine and still scored 85 points for the game.

Tend to agree with the good doctor. I would usually go for San Jose. 'Clara B-dogs would need two things to win, quickness in the paint and an exception amount of coordinated teamwork. I don't think San Jose will let itself be outcoached. Based on Birdie's comments the San Jose coach better tighten up on passing on keep everyone on the same page; Sparties should squeak through if they do that.
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sick over this one, i went big...

i was getting texts from people saying, sjst is looking great i think we got this one and then i ckeck the score 10m later and its tied!!!!