Stanley Cup Final Game #7, puck drop 5:23pm pacific time . . .


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Or, will there be a winner take all game #7 in Boston on Wednesday night to see which team gets to 16 wins first and, thus, skates the Cup on home ice (Boston) or road ice (St. Louis)?
Answer is yes.

This will be the Bruins first ever Stanley Cup Final game #7 at home. This game will also be the first Boston Finals home game #7 since the Celtics beat the Lakers in game #7 exactly 34 years ago today (June 12, 1984).

To paraphrase a St. Louis sports commentator:

[The team that plays better — and/or benefits from the random luck of fortuitous bounces and deflections — will skate the Stanley Cup at the end of Game 7. That’s really how this game boils down. (He goes on to elaborate at great length at how the national media narrative about the value of experience is rubbish, which I won't repeat.)

The Blues didn’t lose Game 6 because the Bruins won a Stanley Cup eight years ago. The Blues lost Game 6 because they’ve played their worst postseason hockey on home ice.] (I 'cleaned' these both up a bit.)

Blues road playoff record 9-3, 5-0 after a loss.

Bruins home playoff record 7-5.

Thus, the Blues play better on the road during the playoffs then the Bruins do at home. That doesn't mean the Blues are going to win, but it is a fact.

[The Blues thrive in hostile environments. This is just another road trip. Since Binnington took over as the starting goaltender on Jan. 7, he’s 19-7 on the road, including the postseason.] (another paraphrase)

Final thought and point of personal privilege: