Suprised we haven't seens some conspiracy threads about New Orleans winning

Figured that would be a hot topic. On the 4th anniversary of probably the second worst day in US history (behind Pearl Harbor), having a vagabond team going into the home of a rival that a lot of people think can make the Superbowl, and basically having their way with them.

Sort of takes that emotional angle out of sports. Or most assuredly convulutes it. So that on one side they want to win for the city, while on the other how canthey think about a game with all that is still going on.

I have yet to watch the game, but I will be interested to see how it did play out. I know that NO had a big lead, it got tied, and they made a last second FG for a "dramatic" win.

From what I have seen it deiantely looked made for TV.

Not that I think the NFL is fixed, but it surely isn't above the realm of possibilty.


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you mean the hurricane was a plant by the MOB to cover up the fix they had going on the SAINTS in game one?

I just cant buy that one one one even if the grassy knoll flooded.
Personally, I was very happy to see the SAINTS WIN, particulary for some of their fans who have lost everything...

That is why I said it was a feel good story, and the win from what I have read/seen looked like a made for TV movie. Thus, my reasoning for thinking there might be some conspiracy theories surrounding that game.

It was one thing for LSU to beat ASU Saturday on the road with no practice and no sleep and no homes etc etc etc and those are KIDS.

BUT the Saints ade it pretty clear they weren't "into" the came. Akin to the Cardinals last year when the fires were destroying everything in sight.

Now I know that the Saints are a decent team, but they aren't really supposed te beat the Panthers on the road under those conditions. If New Orleans go 3-12 the rest of the way and Caroline goes 12-3 it will be interesting to say the least.


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It is not so much about the the Saints winning as it is How BAD THAT CAROLINA suckkss!!!!

They will be a real sorry team in the NFC this year! I dont look for them winning more than 9 games this year. To think that some have them winning the Super Bowl. I would give Carolina about a 5% chance at making the Super Bowl, much less winning it!!


All I do is trytrytry
Personally, I was very happy to see the SAINTS WIN, particulary for some of their fans who have lost everything...

Do you really think that a fan who lost everything gives $0.02 about the Aints winning a football game? Granted I dont know anyone to ask but I expect that they would not care a hoot.

its good for FOX and CBS to spray that thought around and maybe it makes the rest of us feel better that this "lessons the pain" but for those effected I dont think it matters at all.
If they were offered 100 bux for every games the Saints won they would be lined up on Tuesday for the hand outs, and bethe biggest bandwagon fans going.

While it was a definate tradgedy, it seems like it has completely taken on a life of its own here. I grew up in a pretty depressed area, where a lot of people were on assisted living and welfare. They knew no other life, and they got used to it. I see the same things happening here. Hardhips either make you stronger or they make you look for bigger hand outs. While the people in a majority of the areas have started rebuilding and helping other people out, the people of New Orleans have played the "whoa is me" card to the hilt. So they are constantly blaming others for the things that happened, and looking for people to once again bail them out.

But I have to agree for a majority of the NEw Orleans residents themslves that win meant nothing. They are basically waiting for it to get dark so they can go loot some more now that the water has gone down some.

Bascially it is a media frenzy to try and make it something it isn't. Most of the people that actually go to the Saints games don't live in the city itself,so they more than liekly werenot affected like the people you see on TV, whom have probably never seena football game in person. And probably couldn't even name the team.

So claiming it as some feel good story for "the fans that lost everything" is a stretch. But beause people will beleive everything they see on TV or read in a newspaper, and let the media mold their ideals and ideas, they like to think it is reality.