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John Kelly

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Cal-Davis plays host to Long Beach State this Saturday night.

Make the Aggies a 9-point favorite with a total of 145 (Pomeroy).

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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And Long Beach State is the best job in the Big West.

Monson is living off the past glory of the early 2010's.

He also benefited from Father Don's place in the game.

LBSU has won 15 games each of the last three seasons.

At 10-19 this season, the 49ers are massive longshots to reach the 15-win mark.


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Let's see, the 14 or so Americans from the Princess Cruise ship were flown to Travis AFB (initially) in Fairfield. The unexplained diagnosis was for a woman who was admitted to UC Davis Hospital. UC Davis is basically a stones throw from Fairfield. Between Bay area and Sacramento. Obviously germs were left behind in the Fairfield area. Or someone involved in transport of the 14 has been the carrier.