Universalist's Cricket Thread

January 2, 2020

International 3rd Test 6:30 PM

Australia v New Zealand
Match Winner
Australia @ -303 Won
1.00/0.33 units
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January 15, 2020
12:00 noon

West Indies v Ireland 1st Match
Match Winner
West Indies @ -556
1.00/0.18 units
2-0-0 =100% + 0.66 units
  • West Indies has a much stronger batting lineup with exponentially more six-hitting power at its disposal
  • Ireland has traditionally struggled in T20 cricket and is beaten regularly by associate nations as well
  • West Indies has a better bowling attack and more experience to give it the edge
  • I realize that this is a chalk game but I like this opportunity for an easy $$.
January 18 ,2020

West Indies v Ireland 2nd Match
Match Winner
West Indies @ -500 Push

There is about a 30% chance of rain that has been forecast in St.George’s Grenada on match day. The last ODI played there was also marred by rain and we think the T20 could go the same way. The pitch was not too bad for batting as the West Indian batsmen showed. A typically slow surface that is flat and has very little for the bowlers on offer can be expected.

A score of about 160 can be considered par for the surface.
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